Your everyday Attitude Bag that will change its shape depending on what you choose to carry or how to wear it.

The Attitude Bag will help you daily, it will change aspect after you and adapt for all the situations. If you choose to stuff it up with sport clothes it will look like a sport’s bag but with style, if you choose just to have your wallet in it and small items it will look like a casual bag, if you want to go shopping it will expand with more stuff you put in it.The Attitude Bag will transform itself after your attitude and schedule.

The reason this bag is so versatile is the design and the gorgeous material. You don’t have to zip pockets, adapt anything or do some extraordinary process, you just fill it up with stuff and it will still look good.

The Attitude Bag has pockets for everything. Two on the exterior sides for your phone or sunglasses; so you can wear your dress and actually hear your phone when it rings. Inside, the bag has six pockets: Two big enough for your laptop or tablet, magazine and work stuff. Two round side pockets for a bottle or special items and a lot more space where you can put your changing clothes for the gym, and still keep separated from the precious stuff. The straps are adaptable and strong.

The material we choose to use for The Attitude Bag is soft but resistant, elegant and timeless, it doesn’t make wrinkles and the color can go with every style and outfit you choose to wear. The material is a combination between suede and alcantara, it will save your stuff from getting wet and it will stay soft forever.

We also choose not to put shiny rings, plastic items or a visual logo on it because The Attitude Bag has to be a part of you, of your attitude.

Be creative and choose how to wear your Attitude Bag!


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